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The Centre launched its Impact Assessment Toolkit for Cross-Border Cooperation – developed with the Euro-Institut in Kehl, Germany – at the ‘Cross-Border Training and Impact Assessment in Ireland and Europe’ international conference in Cavan on 28 October 2011.

In the past EU-funded cross-border programme and project promoters have often found it difficult to demonstrate impact: i.e. the changes that have taken place as a result of the activities undertaken. The Impact Assessment Toolkit for Cross-Border Cooperation can help to define and clarify the extent to which the programme or project is likely to contribute to the desired changes. Many problems of Northern Ireland and the Irish border region do not respect jurisdictional boundaries. The toolkit will help to determine whether a cross-border approach is the appropriate level of intervention and, if so, to identify the ‘added value’ of such cooperation. It will identify whether the proposed activities could have a greater overall impact – socially, economically or environmentally – if undertaken on a cross-border basis than separately within each jurisdiction.

For example, will new relationships be built between people or organisations that would not have developed otherwise?

Will the cross-border activities lead to new ways of working or more intensive collaboration that would not have been the case if they had been carried out separately?

Will a cross-border approach be more efficient and/or effective than a single jurisdiction approach?

Download the Impact Assessment Toolkit for Cross-Border Cooperation:

For further details of CCBS training courses in impact assessment contact Dr Anthony Soares by email at

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