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23 May 2024


Thinking of working Cross-border? Hear how organisations in the Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise sector are doing it.

The Centre for Cross Border Studies, Creative Spark and Longford Women’s Link will outline the results of partnering with organisations in another jurisdiction on the island of Ireland. The speakers will share their work and the services they provide, and also the practical aspects of how they find and manage cross-border partnership, access funding and navigate legal and governance challenges.

The event has been organised by iCommunity (Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action and The Wheel). Register at the link on this page.

The speakers are:

Tara Farrell

Tara is the Chief Executive of Longford Women’s Link. She has over 20 years’ experience in the Community, Voluntary and Education sectors. Tara is the Chairperson of Irish Rural Link and former Chairperson of AONTAS, the National Adult Learning Organisation. She is a member of the Steering Group of The New Common Charter and part of the Ad-Hoc Group for North-South East-West Co-operation.

Sarah Daly

Sarah is Executive Director of Creative Spark Limited – a centre for creativity, enterprise and innovation in Dundalk, Co Louth, providing dedicated training and workspace facilities for new and established enterprises, which she co-founded in 2012. She has over 20 years’ experience in business development and 12 years’ experience in enterprise centre management and development. In this time, Sarah has been successful at attracting and retaining dynamic, high growth enterprises as tenants to the centre and facilitating burgeoning networks and collaborations with its clients. She has extensive experience managing and partnering in transnational projects under Peace II, III & IV, Interreg and Erasmus+ programmes.

Annmarie O’Kane

Annmarie manages the Border People project which provides cross-border information for people living and working in Ireland and Northern Ireland, especially those living in the border region. The project also fosters cooperation, and knowledge sharing between citizens advice organisations, government departments and policymakers in both jurisdictions. She is also Information Manager at the Centre for Cross Border Studies in Armagh.

Dr Anthony Soares

Anthony is Director of the Centre for Cross Border Studies. His role includes leading in the development and advocacy of policies at regional, national and European levels that support sustainable cross-border and transnational cooperation. Anthony is the Convenor of the Ad-Hoc Group for North-South and East-West Cooperation, which brings together a range of organisations from both jurisdictions on the island of Ireland to engage with the European Commission, UK Government and Irish Government and others in order to ensure the post-Brexit maintenance of the necessary conditions for cross-border cooperation. The New Common Charter for cooperation within and between these islands aims to empower civic society to drive cooperation, North-South and East-West, and has over 40 members.

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