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CCBS Training & Mentoring Services

The Centre for Cross Border Studies provides training and mentoring services to cross-border partnerships (involving public bodies, civil society organisations and/or enterprises) that wish to develop cross-border or transnational projects.

Our training and mentoring programmes are built around four innovative Toolkits that together comprise a portfolio of tools to support cross-border cooperation throughout the entire cross-border project life-cycle. They will be of benefit to cross-border projects on the island of Ireland, and indeed are easily transferable to other cross-border and transnational projects elsewhere.


Cross-border Project Planning for Evidence-Based Results

Our training in cross-border project planning is based on the 6-step methodology in our Impact Assessment Toolkit for Cross-border Cooperation and can be tailored to meet the needs of your project. For most projects, we suggest an initial programme of 3 days’ training spread out over a few weeks, which gives the project partners time to meet between training sessions to gather information and do other practical work. Additional days mentoring can be offered; thus by the end of the training, the project plan should be coherent and ‘application-ready’. If a potential funder has been identified, the project plan can be specifically tailored to meet the funder’s criteria.


Intercultural/Cross-Border Project Management

Successful cross-border cooperation is not based on good will alone: it needs those who are involved in it to have a set of specific skills and approaches. Based on our Intercultural/Cross-Border Project Management Toolkit developed specifically for the Irish border region (but which is transferable to other border contexts), the Centre for Cross Border Studies has developed a programme of six-modules to equip those involved in the management of cross-border or transnational projects with the skills and knowledge needed for the successful implementation of cross-border interventions. Each module deals with an aspect of the lifecycle of the implementation of a cross-border project (Re-defining your Cross-Border Project; Consolidating the Cross-Border Partnership; Planning a Cross-Border Project; Implementation of a Cross-Border Project; Assessment of a Cross-Border Project; and the Transversal Skills of a Cross-Border Project Manager). Depending on the level of experience or the stage within the lifecycle of a particular project, users can focus on a particular theme, or study it in the order of its modules.


Budgeting for Cross-Border Projects & Evaluation for Cross-Border Projects

Our training and mentoring on Budgeting of Cross-Border Projects and Evaluation of Cross-Border Projects programmes are intended to support private sector, public sector, community/voluntary sector or cross-sectoral partnerships that are challenged by the requirements of delivering cross-border (or transnational) projects. These training and mentoring modules, which can be delivered as part of a package alongside the project planning or project management programmes or as ‘stand-alone’ sessions will guide both experienced and less experienced cross-border project promoters through the steps of: preparing a budget for their project and setting up appropriate financial monitoring and reporting mechanisms; and planning for the project evaluation – including managing both self-evaluations and external evaluations.

Download: Toolkit for Budgeting of Cross-Border Projects

Download: Toolkit for Evaluation of Cross-Border Projects


For further information, please contact:

Dr Anthony Soares,
Director, Centre for Cross Border Studies