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Colette Fitzgerald

Chairperson’s Introduction
Helen Johnston

Toward a Border Development Zone
Philip McDonagh and Maureen O’Reilly

Draft Solidarity Charter for the Economic Revitalisation of the Irish Border Development Corridor
(Draft September 2014)

A Comparison of Governance Forms for Cross-Border Cooperation within the EU
Hynek Böhm

The All Island Local Authority Forum: Strategic Leadership
Anthony Soares

Europe on the Threshold of a New Dimension in Cross-Border Cooperation
Andreas Kiefer

The Interview: A Tool for Peacebuilding? Reflections on the Peace Process: Layers of Meaning Project
Anna Bryson

Cross-Border Cooperation and Peacebuilding in Ireland
Ruth Taillon

Women and Peace: 15 years on
Lynn Carvill


Women, Peace and Security: Women’s Rights and Gender Equality:
Developing and Applying Women, Peace and Security Practice in
Northern Ireland/Ireland Strategic Guide and Toolkit
(Reviewed by Ruth Taillon)

Transforming Conflict Through Social and Economic Development:
Practice and Policy Lessons from Northern Ireland and the
Border Counties
(Reviewed by Thomas Haverty)

European Border Regions in Comparison: Overcoming
Nationalistic Aspects or Re-Nationalization?
(Reviewed by Katy Hayward)

Border Encounters: Asymmetry and Proximity at
Europe’s Frontiers
(Reviewed by Anthony Soares)

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