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Chairperson’s Foreword
Helen Johnston

Ruth Taillon

The Local Authority-Led Cross-Border Groups: an early example of cross-border best practice along the Ireland/Northern Ireland Border area?
Pamela Arthurs

Conservation without Frontiers: historic buildings in Armagh and Monaghan in context
Primrose Wilson

Effective Partnership: a history of North South cooperation in probation work
Paul Doran

Finally Facing History and Ourselves? Comparing recent public policy to end sectarianism in Northern Ireland and Scotland
Duncan Morrow

Competition and Collaboration in the Anglo-Scottish Borderlands
Keith Shaw

Cross-border Cooperation and Peacebuilding – SEUPB 2004-2015
Pat Colgan

The British-Irish Council: political expedient or institution in waiting?
Ben Clifford and Janice Morphet

Ireland, Northern Ireland and Britain in the EU: A Brussels Perspective
Tom Hanney

Northern Ireland in Europe
Andrew Elliott


Multi-level Governance and Northern Ireland
(Reviewed by Stephen Dawson)

Britain and Europe: The Endgame – An Irish Perspective
(Reviewed by Martin McTaggart)

Northern Ireland and the European Union: The Dynamics of a Changing Relationship
(Reviewed by Anthony Soares)

Britain’s Future in Europe: Reform, Renegotiation, Repatriation or Secession?
(Reviewed by Martin McTaggart)

How to Change the European Union
(Reviewed by Ruth Taillon)

Molise-Montenegro Cross-Border Cooperation
(Reviewed by Giulia Carabelli)

Border Vigils: Keeping Migrants Out of the Rich World
(Reviewed by Ruth Taillon)

Towards a Wellbeing Framework: Findings from the Roundtable on Measuring Wellbeing in Northern Ireland
(Reviewed by Helen Johnston)

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