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Dr Helen Johnston

Ruth Taillon

‘Now you see it, now you don’t’… And now you do again.
Brexit and the in/visible UK-Irish land border
Dr Milena Komarova

Brexit and the Border Corridor on the Island of Ireland
Risks, opportunities and issues to consider
Dr Eoin Magennis, Andrew Parker and Laura Heery

Anticipating Brexit: The view from local communities
in the Central Border Region of Ireland/Northern Ireland
Dr Katy Hayward, with Annemiek Teuwen and Shane Campbell

Dying, Surviving or Thriving: Time to create a new rural narrative
Janice Rose

Brexit: delivering a better future for us all as we age?
Dr Paschal McKeown

No Woman’s Land: The impact of borders, conflict and Brexit
on women affected by Domestic Violence
Louise Kennedy

The “Towards a New Common Chapter” project:
Assessing the commitment to cross-border cooperation at the grassroots
Dr Anthony Soares


The Rule of the Land: Walking Ireland’s Border
(Reviewed by Andy Pollak)

Unapproved Routes: Histories of the Irish Border 1922-1972
(Reviewed by Dr Helen Johnston)

Dynamics of Political Change in Ireland: Making and breaking a divided Ireland
(Reviewed by Tony Kennedy)

Bombs, Bullets and the Border:
Policing Ireland’s Frontier: Irish security policy, 1969-1978
(Reviewed by Dr Katy Hayward)

EU Cohesion Policy: Re-assessing performance and direction
(Reviewed by Philip McDonagh)

Beyond Brexit? How to assess the UK’s future
(Reviewed by Tobias Heyduk)

On Fantasy Island: Britain, Europe, and human rights
(Reviewed by Trevor Holmes)


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