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14 Sep 2021


This online workshop (by invitation only), organised by the Centre for Cross Border Studies, brought together a small group of officials, policy-makers and relevant stakeholders from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to discuss the potential merits and feasibility of embedding cross-border impact assessment – “border-proofing” – in the processes of development of policies and legislation, and the extent to which it may already be taking place or could be integrated into existing forms of assessment. It also had input from Martin Unfried, an expert on cross-border impact assessment from the University of Maastricht with direct knowledge of its application elsewhere in Europe.

Anthony Soares, Director of the Centre for Cross Border Studies commented:

“This workshop proved itself to be an invaluable exchange of experience and views on the practicalities and feasibility of introducing cross-border impact assessment of proposed legislation or policies, with Martin Unfried of ITEM (Maastricht University) providing examples from the Netherlands. It was a unique opportunity for a number of officials and key stakeholders to reflect on the challenges such an initiative might face here, but also to highlight what is already happening at the informal levels. We need to build on this and ensure we grasp the opportunities that can be brought about through cooperation”.


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