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17 May 2023

Thousands of people in Ireland and Northern Ireland are employed across the border.

In recent times Working from Home and flexible working patterns have become commonplace but unfortunately they can create complications for cross-border workers and their employers.

This seminar aims to start a conversation about the technical challenges encountered and the policy changes required to enable cross-border workers, potential workers, and employers to more fully embrace opportunities across the border.


The seminar will focus on the practical experience gathered by the Border People project and of guest speakers who will present a brief overview of:

  • Cross-border tax implications of working from home.
  • Social insurance implications of working from home.
  • Other issues causing concern – switching contracts, changes in employer benefits (income protection, pension schemes, health insurance) employment law, redundancy, etc.
  • What’s happening in other EU border regions? Finding best practice, and tracking EU policy developments on this topic.

Seminar aim:

  • To raise awareness of the issues encountered by cross-border employers and workers.
  • To spotlight case studies that reflect the real impact of current policies.
  • To convene an Expert Practitioners’ Group of cross-border financial advisors and tax experts – to create a trusted cross-border network, to support each other, to lead discussion and share information, and for the advice networks to signpost people to.
  • To support policy makers by providing them with access to practical information that reflects the lived experiences of cross-border workers and employers in this region.

Seminar target groups:

  1. Financial advisors and tax experts
  2. Business support organisations, trade unions, etc
  3. Civil servants and policy makers
  4. Cross-border employers
  5. Cross-border workers
  6. Citizens Advisors and Information Providers

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For further information please contact Annmarie O’Kane, Centre for Cross Border Studies in new tab)

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