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Border obstacles in the EU: experts have their say

Posted On: 08 Apr 2016


DG REGIO has launched this Cross-Border Review, an initiative structured around 3 pillars: a study, to provide an inventory of critical border obstacles together with examples of how these have been addressed on certain borders; an extensive public consultation; and four workshops with key stakeholders.

On 28 January 2016, the second of a series of four stakeholders’ workshop in the context of the Cross-Border Review was held in Brussels, bringing together 40 experts from various DG of the European Commission and from 13 different Member States.

Workshop participants included TEIN members Hynek Böhm (Institut EuroSchola, Czech Republic), Anne Thevenet (Euro-Institute, Germany) and Ruth Taillon (Centre for Cross Border Studies). Anne and Ruth feature in DG REGIO’s video of the event, which can be seen at Video link.

Download a copy of the review

Download a copy of the Cross Border Studies submission to the review

Download a copy of Border People submission to the review