Welcome to the Centre for Cross Border Studies

CCBS Staff launch toolkits for cross-border cooperation alongside speaker
Martin Guillermo Ramírez at the 2015 Annual CCBS/ICLRD Joint Conference


The Centre for Cross Border Studies will build further on its reputation as an authoritative advocate for cross-border cooperation and a valued source of research, information and support for collaboration across borders on the island of Ireland, Europe and beyond.


The Centre for Cross Border Studies empowers citizens and builds capacity and capability for cooperation across sectors and jurisdictional boundaries on the island of Ireland and further afield. This mission is achieved through research, expertise, partnership and experience in a wide range of cross-border practices and concerns.


The Centre for Cross Border Studies

  • Is committed to the principles of partnership, equality and mutual respect as the basis of relationships between people and governments;
  • Is dedicated to contributing to social cohesion, economic development and environmental sustainability through cross-border cooperation on the island of Ireland and beyond;
  • Is independent and takes no position on the constitutional question;
  • Supports the protection of civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights and advocates the core values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, peace-building, and social justice; and
  • Acts in recognition of the fundamental importance of non-partisanship, the pursuit of excellence, openness and transparency, and the value of local experience.



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The Centre has commissioned and published 22 cross-border research projects since 2001.
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The Centre has published 9 Journals annually since 2006.
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