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Submission to the Strategic Review of Irish-Scottish Relations

Posted On: 19 Mar 2020


CCBS responds to joint strategic review on Irish-Scottish relations

CCBS submitted a response to the Irish and Scottish Governments’ consultation on their joint strategic review of Irish-Scottish relations.

The review is taking place in the changed context brought about by the UK’s departure from the EU, and is seen by both Governments as an opportunity to consolidate existing ties between the two countries and to exploit additional opportunities.

CCBS’s response was closely informed by the content and aspirations of the New Common Charter for Cooperation Within and Between these Islands, which was developed by a range of community organisations from Ireland and Scotland, as well as Northern Ireland, England and Wales. As well as highlighting the centrality of the New Common Charter in the building of relations across these islands, the response focused on the need to ensure plans to strengthen relations between Ireland and Scotland are open to connections with Northern Ireland, and that they are inclusive and supportive of relations at all levels, including at grass-roots community organisation level.

Available to download here!!