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Environmental networks meet for New Common Charter discussion on cooperation and governance

Posted On: 16 May 2023

East-West North-South

On 16th May the Centre for Cross Border Studies organised a meeting of the environmental networks from Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Ireland under the New Common Charter for Cooperation project.

The gathering was kindly hosted by the Consulate General of Ireland in Edinburgh and brought together the Scottish Environment Link, the NI Environment Link, and the Irish Environment Network. The event was attended by representatives from the British Irish Council (BIC), including representatives from the BIC Environment Work Sector, which works to share expertise and learning across the eight BIC administrations and to make decisions on common policies.

Attendees received a presentation previewing an upcoming report on environmental cooperation on the island of Ireland by Dr Ciara Brennan, before discussing the current context for east-west cooperation and governance. This includes the formal mechanisms stemming from Strand Three of the Belfast Good Friday Agreement, as well as the networks and collaborations established by civil society across these islands.

The networks agreed that the issue of environmental governance requires a joined-up approach and necessitates cooperation across the jurisdictions. The networks and the BIC brainstormed about possibilities for improved cooperation and increased civil society input in governance mechanisms.

The event was an initiative of the New Common Charter for Cooperation within and Between these Islands which commits supporter organisations to ‘increase the protection and enjoyment of the environment as well as the cooperation of environmental advocates and authorities within and between these islands’.

To learn more about the Charter and to find out how your civil society organization can become a supporter, email