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CCBS in Brussels

Posted On: 15 Oct 2014

Left to Right: Anne Thevenet, Hynek Böhm, Ruth Taillon and Marek Olszewski

Ruth Taillon, Annmarie O’Kane and Anthony Soares were representing CCBS in Brussels on the 7th and 8th of October in a series of events and meetings, coinciding with the EU Open Days Week.

Annmarie led a meeting with colleagues in the European Citizens Action Service. The CCBS team met with Assya Kavrakova the Director of the European Citizens Action Service (ECAS) and her colleague Vera Soldanova, EU Rights Manager to discuss current collaboration between the Border People project and the My Mobility Mentor project and to look at future cooperation between CCBS and ECAS for the future provision of cross-border information provision.

The CCBS team then attended a networking event – Partnership Opportunities with Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland – held in the Northern Ireland Executive Office, and organised by the North West Region Cross-Border Group. On the 8th, Ruth Taillon made a presentation on the work of CCBS as part of an Open Days Workshop centred on the need for capacity-building to support efficient cross-border cooperation, organised by the TEIN network.

Finally, CCBS returned to the Northern Ireland Executive Office to make a presentation of its work, focusing on capacity-building, the Border People project, and its research activities. Among the audience were officials from the Executive Office (who were extremely supportive hosts), representatives from regional authorities, MEP staffers, and Maria-Jose Doval Tedin from the Commission’s European Cross-Border Cooperation Unit. These were two very busy but successful days for CCBS!