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09 May 2019


CCBS’s “Towards a New Common Chapter” project has now entered its final stage, which involves engaging with political representatives and policy-makers on the island of Ireland and Great Britain.

After agreement was reached on a “New Common Charter for Cooperation Within and Between these Islands” at the end of the previous stage, CCBS and representatives from the groups who have participated in the project are beginning a process of explaining and looking for support from politicians for the New Common Charter.

This process begins on the 9th of May, as CCBS Acting Director Anthony Soares, along with Tara Farrell (Deputy CEO of Longford Women’s Link), Louise Coyle (Director, Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network), and Eilidh Dickson (Engender, Scotland), will be appearing before the Oireachtas Joint Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement, before Anthony will be presenting the New Common Charter to a plenary session of the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly on the 13th of May. This is part of an effort to ensure community organisations are encouraged and given the required structures and funding support to cooperate on a North-South and East-West basis in whatever context emerges from the UK’s departure from the EU.

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