August 15, 2017

CCBS Deputy Director Anthony Soares interviewed in The Irish News

Centre for Cross Border Studies Anthony Soares

Centre for Cross Border Studies Deputy Director Anthony Soares has appeared in today’s Irish News outlining the Centre’s proposal on how to turn ‘the Brexit negotiating table on the 1998 Agreement’. The Centre’s recent Briefing Paper ‘‘Flexible and Imaginative solutions’ considers the options which may have to be explored post-Brexit and recommends that the 1998 Belfast/Good Friday Agreement should become a framework enabling the post-Brexit flow of people, goods and services between the two jurisdictions on the island of Ireland, and between the island of Ireland and Great Britain. In his interview Deputy Director Soares admits that this is certainly ambitious and undoubtedly challenging, not least to the UK Government, which would need to adopt an entirely different approach to its relations with Northern Ireland and the other devolved administrations, as well as it how it deals with the EU post-Brexit it is away to open up wider avenues for ourselves. The full article is available below as well as a link to CCBS recent Briefing Paper.


Briefing Paper