September 18, 2018

Building capacity in cross-border and transfrontier contexts to strengthen European integration

TEIN members with Ambassador Declan Kelleher in Brussels

CCBS Director Ruth Taillon joined other members of the Transfrontier Euro Institute Network (TEIN) at the office of the Permanent Representation of Ireland to the EU in Brussels on Monday 17 September where the TEIN Charter was revised and progress on shared projects and future plans for the network were discussed. Before commencing discussion on internal TEIN business, TEIN members were privileged to hear a short presentation by the Irish Ambassador to the EU, Mr Declan Kelleher, who explained the Irish Government’s perspective on the Future of Europe and provided an update on the Brexit negotiations.

TEIN is a network of cross-border practitioners from nine EU border regions, comprising 14 partner organisations. The network brings together universities and training institutes, creating dialogue and shared practice between researchers and practitioners to develop knowledge, competences and tools to support cross-border cooperation and provide practical solutions to European transfrontier issues.

Reflecting both the changing political context and challenges for cross-border cooperation and the development of TEIN since it was established in 2009, the meeting reviewed its Charter and agreed its central objective is “to build capacity in cross-border and transfrontier contexts to strengthen European integration.”  It was further agreed to formalise the internal structures and decision-making process of the network to ensure that TEIN is in the strongest possible position to develop joint initiatives and meet future challenges. Importantly, it was agreed to open new categories associate and individual membership of the network to others who are willing to work with TEIN for achievement of its objectives.