July 26, 2018

‘An Ulsterman considers his passport’ a talk by Professor Arthur Aughey Emeritus

9.45am, Wednesday 25 July 2018
The Market Place Theatre Armagh

Centre for Cross Border Studies Director Ruth Taillon welcomed Professor Arthur Aughey  to the Market Place Theatre and thanked him for agreeing to give his lecture ‘An Ulsterman Considers His Passport’ at the John Hewitt Summer School. Ms Taillon explained that this was one of four public lectures which the Centre organises throughout the year. The intention of the lecture series is to offer an opportunity to consider ideas relating to borders that are not addressing public policy issues directly.

Introducing his lecture with John Hewitt’s poem ‘The Frontier’ Professor Aughey focused on the themes of language, identity and migration. After the presentation, a short question and answer session was held, with Professor Aughey fielding several questions from the large audience of over 70.

Arthur Aughey is Emeritus Professor of Politics at Ulster University, Senior Fellow at the Centre for British Politics at the University of Hull, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and former Senior Leverhulme Fellow (2008-11). He has published widely on constitutional change and politics in the United Kingdom. Publications include: Nationalism Devolution and the Challenge to the United Kingdom State (2001); The Politics of Englishness (2007) and The British Question (2013). Recently, he co-authored with Cathy Gormley-Heenan: ‘Northern Ireland and Brexit: Three effects on ‘the border in the mind’ in The British Journal of Politics and International Relations. His latest book, The Conservative Party: Britain, England and Europe was published earlier this year by Manchester University Press.

Professor Aughey’s presentation and text are available and the talk available to view in the video below.

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