January 9, 2013

Towards a Border Development Zone

This research project, building on the proposals of the 2009-2012 action research project Cross-Border Economic Renewal: Rethinking Regional Policy in Ireland, will explore the potential of a joint economic development approach across the whole Irish and Northern Irish cross-border region. Its three specific aims, to be carried out through five scoping studies and an action conference, are to:

  • Stimulate a form of development that is uniquely adapted to the region, making maximum use of national and provincial resources in the two jurisdictions;
  • Stimulate the evolution of local resources and expertise, as identified in Cross-Border Economic Renewal, particularly by building on the experiences of the successful border region firms identified in that study;
  • By focussing on building the capacity of local authorities in both jurisdictions to promote this process, develop more effective public sector cross-border collaboration with the aim of having a major economic impact on the region.

The five studies will be:

  1. overall Border Development Zone strategy and structure; [PDF 116Kb]
  2. SME enterprise in goods and services with an export potential; [PDF 28Kb]
  3. tourism and recreation; [PDF 213Kb]
  4. agriculture, food and fish processing; [PDF 137Kb]
  5. low carbon initiatives, energy saving and renewable energy. [PDF 51Kb]

CCBS’s main partner in this project will be InterTradeIreland. The action conference will be held in January 2014, and out of it will come working groups in the five areas to work  on an implementation plan for incorporation into a funding application to the 2014-2020 INTERREG programme.

This project is supported by the INTERREG IVA programme (2013-2015).