May 12, 2021

The future for Agri-food in Northern Ireland and on the island of Ireland

This paper has been authored by CCBS Senior Research Associate Michael D’Arcy, and examines the future of the Agri-food in Northern Ireland and on the island of Ireland. Using strong examples from the Dairy Industry, Michael’s paper explores the important of all island integrated supply chains to the agri-food sector, and how the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, and now the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol, ensure that these all island links continue to operate. However “the scale of the challenge to respond, adapt and succeed for the sector and the farmers who supply milk and/or other farmed food products must not be underestimated as they are multiple, complex and largely externally driven.” Given the importance of the Agri-food sector to the economies in both jurisdictions on the island of Ireland, the value of an all island approach should be explored.

Paper available to download here!!


This Briefing Paper reflects the personal views of the author.