December 22, 2016

Submission to the Northern Ireland Executive’s Consultation on the Programme for Government Framework 2016-2021

CCBS has submitted a short response to the second consultation on the Northern Ireland Executive’s Programme for Government. Among other issues, CCBS finds that whilst the agreed outcomes that reflect where Northern Ireland wants to be in the long-term should not be influenced by Brexit or other issues not immediately within the powers of the Executive or Assembly, it is nevertheless important that the PfG enshrines an active outlook to Northern Ireland’s external relationships, and makes note of the need to build communities’ capacity to establish and maintain such relationships, including on a North-South basis. There is a balance to be struck between distorting the PfG’s overarching outcomes due to an excessive focus on the UK’s future relationship with the EU, and being conscious of the PfG’s role in ensuring that Northern Ireland’s cross-jurisdictional socio-economic connectivity is properly safeguarded. This connectivity must be more explicitly enshrined in the PfG.

CCBS Submission to the Northern Ireland Executive Consultation on PfG Framework – December 2016