Research & Policy


A diverse and high-quality research portfolio is at the core of the Centre’s activities, providing a strong evidence-base for the Centre’s support to cross-border and transnational cooperation. High quality research and analysis, with an increased focus on applied research and policy, continue to be the Centre’s core activities. This research and analysis will inform and support the Centre’s advocacy for and promotion of cross-border cooperation on the island of Ireland and increasingly, our work in an EU and broader international context. The ability to provide independent, evidence-based information and analysis is fundamental to the Centre’s role as an essential resource for policy and decision-makers and cross-border practitioners.

The Centre’s research excellence enables it to provide informed responses to a range of public consultations, such as the UK Government’s Review of the Balance of Competences between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the Irish Government’s Review of Ireland’s Foreign Policy and External Relations, and the OFMDFM Committee’s Inquiry into the Barroso Task Force.

In addition, the Centre possesses a rich track record of assisting legislative committees in their vital function of scrutinizing Executive departments, North and South. For example, in-depth evidence of the current status of cross-border cooperation was delivered by the Centre to the Oireachtas Committee on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Likewise, the Centre offered insightful evidence to a unique session hosted by the Northern Ireland Committee for Enterprise, Trade and Investment with their Oireachtas counterpart, devoted to improving the border economy. The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Inquiry into the All-Island Economy heard substantial evidence from the Centre, which highlighted the urgent need for a Border Development Corridor.

A benchmark for high-quality research reports commissioned by the Centre has established its place as a reliable and authoritative source of independent policy analysis. One example of such being the 2012 Bradly-Best Report, which has been cited in plenary by elected Members.