June 12, 2012

The Cross-Border Spatial Planning and Training Network (CroSPlaN)

This network, organised by the Centre’s sister organisation, the International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD), brings together an  alliance  (CroSPLaN) of planners, economic development officers, local authority officials, councillors, and community and business interests on both sides of the border to promote more systematic learning and exchange in planning.

CroSPlaN’s  three year (2009-2012) programme consists of the following:

  • Six applied research projects. These have been on the inter-jurisdictional planning implications of the NI Review of Public Administration and on tri-national planning in the Basel region of Switzerland, Germany and France (Year 1); river basin management and spatial planning in Connecticut (USA) and the Elbe basin (Germany), and in Ireland’s cross-border region (Year 2); and shared services in Scotland, Spain, Canada and New York State, and examples drawing mainly on the Irish cross-border region (Year 3).
  • One executive training programme per year for cross-border region local councillors, council officials and business leaders. The first course, in the Louth-Newry and Mourne region, ran from November 2009 to May 2010; the second, in the North West, ran from October 2010 to March 2011; the third, in the Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN) region, ran from October to December 2011.
  • One technical workshop per year
  • One annual conference

During this time ICLRD have also used the CroSPlaN programme to produce – with partners such as the the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) and the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) at NUI Maynooth – a significant number of other innovative outputs, including an all-island Accessibility Mapping Tool; an all-island Housing Monitoring Tool; and all-island Deprivation Index; and an all-island Spatial Monitoring Framework.

The Steering Group for CroSPlaN brings together planners, planning academics, cross-border cooperation specialists and cross-border local authority network representatives from the Planning Service (NI), the Border Region Authority (RoI), Leitrim County Council, the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) at NUI Maynooth, University of Ulster, the Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN), the Centre for Cross Border Studies and the ICLRD.

Further information is available from the ICLRD’s website at www.iclrd.org