June 22, 2018

3rd Annual Sir George Quigley Memorial Lecture

The 3rd Annual Sir George Quigley Lecture took place on 21st June in Queen’s University Belfast. Dr Helen Johnston, Chair of the Centre for Cross Border Studies, introduced the Lecture by paying tribute to Sir George Quigley. Throughout his extensive career in public service and his later prominent business role, Sir George championed the call for an ‘island economy’ – through cross-border cooperation – as an essential means for peace and reconciliation in Ireland.
This year’s Lecture, ‘The Economic Geography of the Island of Ireland’ was presented by Professor Edgar Morgenroth, Professor of Economics DCU. Using various graphs and maps, Prof Morgenroth presented an analysis of economic data at an All-Island sub-national level, examined the population spread and the accessibility of transport infrastructure on the island of Ireland. The analysis showed the significant heterogeneity both within Northern Ireland and Ireland and also shows significant cross- border spillovers. After his presentation Prof Morgenroth fielded several questions from the lecture’s large audience, some of which touched upon Sir George Quigley’s idea of a Dublin-Belfast economic corridor.
Helen Johnston, Chair of the Centre of Cross Border Studies, concluded the event with a presentation to Lady Moyra Quigley and Prof Morgenroth and thanked them both.

Professor Edgar Morgenroth’s Presentation is available here.



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