July 9, 2019

CCBS responds to consultation on Interim Report on Alternative Arrangements for the post-Brexit UK-Ireland border

CCBS has responded to the consultation on the Interim Report published by the Prosperity UK Alternative Arrangements Commission on the 24th June 2019. The Interim Report is part of a process that Prosperity UK describes as one that “can help break the Brexit impasse and enable all parties to agree a way forward that ensures an orderly and timely Brexit, protects peace on the island of Ireland, allows politicians across Europe to move on to other pressing challenges, not least restoring business confidence”. CCBS’s response to the report focuses on the Interim Report’s analysis of the potential consequences of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union on the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and on cross-border and North-South cooperation, and the extent to which the alternative arrangements it sets out are compatible with that Agreement.