April 21, 2018

CCBS Deputy Director speaks at Northern Ireland Council for Racial Equality conference

CCBS Deputy Director, Anthony Soares, was invited to speak at the 2nd Human Rights & Equality Conference, organised by the Northern Ireland Council for Racial Equality on the 20th of April, which this year was dedicated to the theme of “Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement”. Entitled “Brexit and the Border Economy, Security and Relationships: A quick assessment”, Anthony’s speech emphasised how the UK Government’s current approach to the negotiations does not appear to correspond with its intended objectives of maintaining the present nature of the Ireland-Northern Ireland border or of protecting all parts of the Good Friday Agreement. Reminding the audience of the three interlocking strands of the 1998 Agreement, which not only encompass North-South relations but also those between the island of Ireland and Great Britain, Anthony warned against a minimalist approach to the negotiations that could conclude by pointing to the continued existence of the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement. Without the socio-economic relations that currently exist within and between these islands, the institutions of the Agreement on their own will not be able to adequately support the ongoing peace and reconciliation process.


Dr Soares’ Speech