April 15, 2018

CCBS briefs delegation from the US Congress

On the 14th of April CCBS briefed a delegation of Democrat and Republican District Directors from the US Congress as part of their study tour to Ireland and Northern Ireland. CCBS Director, Ruth Taillon, Deputy Director Anthony Soares, and Border People Manage, Annmarie O’Kane, made presentations on the potential impact of Brexit on citizens’ socio-economic rights, particularly in their cross-border dimension, before a lengthy roundtable discussion with the delegation of 10 District Directors and accompanying Congressional staff. While the question of the future of nature of the Ireland-Northern Ireland border dominated much of the conversation, there was also significant interest from the delegation on how Brexit may affect migration policy and social cohesion in Northern Ireland, and the overall peace and reconciliation process. Our American visitors subsequently expressed how they had been made aware of the multi-layered impacts of Brexit on people, their families and smaller companies, and the complexities of preparing for the new context ahead.