September 14, 2020

Ad-Hoc Group for North-South and East-West Cooperation calls for urgent amendments to the Internal Market Bill

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The Ad-Hoc Group for North-South and East-West Cooperation, which has the support of a range of third sector organisations from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, is calling on the UK Government to urgently introduce amendments to its Internal Market Bill so it will no longer contravene international law by departing from the Withdrawal Agreement and its Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. Failure to do so will severely undermine trust in its ability to abide by international agreements, and therefore to its commitments under the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, of which it is a co-guarantor. If the Government is unwilling to do so, then Parliament must act to amend the Bill in order to ensure compliance with international law and with the UK’s commitments, or reject it.


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