Evaluation 2002

by Brian Harvey Social Research

An evaluation of the Centre for Cross Border Studies, Armagh was carried out in March 2002 by Brian Harvey Social Research, Dublin. The aim of the evaluation was to:

  • Describe the evolution of the Centre over the past three years in the context of cross border work in Ireland generally;
  • Find out what the Centre has done in its first three years in the context of its original mission statement and brief;
  • Determine if its brief, priorities and objectives have changed over this time;
  • Measure the product of the Centre, in terms of publications, events and other activities;
  • Examine where it has allocated its human and financial resources;
  • Look at the procedures for decision-making and accountability within the Centre to check that they operate smoothly and efficiently;
  • Study how the Centre has reached out and publicised its work, including the use of its website;
  • Identify the Centre’s on-going means for monitoring its outcomes and impact;
  • Measure the level of external satisfaction with the efficiency, quality of service and administration of the Centre;
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the work of the Centre;
  • Assess the impact which the Centre has made on its audiences, questioning especially the impact of the first round of research projects;
  • Identify any possible areas of work or activity which may have been insufficiently addressed or even missed;
  • Test whether its mission statement is up to date and should be adjusted in the light of the Centre’s development so far and changing
  • In the context of its future plans, make recommendations for its further development and means of operation.