March 29, 2019

Towards a New Common Chapter: Evaluation Seminar

CCBS hosted an evaluation seminar at NICVA as part of its ”Towards a New Common Chapter” project. Created in 2014, this project focuses on cooperation at community level between and within the islands of Ireland and Great Britain. This seminar marked the end of the 4th stage of the project, and aimed to update participants on the progress made and to try and find a consensus on the final text of the New Common Chapter for Cooperation Within and Between these Islands. Around 30 people from different community organisations from the island of Ireland and Great Britain attended the meeting, with a considerable presence of women’s groups representatives.
Discussions on the final text focused on how to clarify and strengthen it, as well as how to include more of the concerns of the many different organisations involved. It aimed to find a consensus on poignant issues, with the help of two external facilitators who kept the discussions running and orderly. The very passionate discussions managed to highlight different areas of agreement on what should be re-formulated, which will be used to amend the text.
The workshop ended with the presentation of the next steps by Deputy Director Anthony Soares. Firstly, all groups will have to work on the different issues and clarify the text. After that period of reflection, the text will be redrafted, and there will be a consultation in order to obtain an agreed final text. Once this text is finalised, it will be time to engage with policy makers, parliamentary committees on the island of Ireland and Great Britain to ensure that the structures and actors for cooperation are and remain there.

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