May 3, 2017

The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement: Addressing “the totality of relationships”


Monday 7 August @ 5 pm

St Mary’s University College, Belfast

Speaker: Ruth Taillon, Director, the Centre for Cross Border Studies

Next year is the 20th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement.  Since the Agreement was signed in 1998, cross-border, all-island and east-west co-operation has been evolving on many fronts: civic, public and business. However, the impending exit of the UK from the European Union means that the need for cooperation across all three strands of the Agreement has never been more important. Ruth Taillon, Director of the Centre for Cross Border Studies, will address a number of questions as the anniversary approaches: what more needs to be done to address the ‘totality of relationships’ on these islands, post-Brexit; what has the GFA achieved; how many people know about the provisions of the Agreement; how is the conflict understood today; how did the “peace process” become the “Northern Ireland peace process”?


This event is part of Féile an Phobail