July 19, 2019

Sir George Quigley Memorial Lecture

The 4th Annual Sir George Quigley Memorial Lecture was held on the 8th July in Dublin City University.  This year’s lecture “NI’s economic future – Building the economic and political relationships across the two islands” was given by Angela McGowan, Director of CBI NI.

The CBI is regarded as the ‘voice of business’ both locally and nationally. It represents around two thirds of the Top 100 companies in NI as well as many small firms across the region.

Angela joined the CBI in October 2016 as Director for Northern Ireland having previously worked for eight years as the Chief Economist for Danske Bank. She has enjoyed a varied career spanning 24 years as an economist in both the public and the private sector. Angela has experience sitting on several boards including Vice Chair of Enterprise NI and Non-Executive Director of Young Enterprise. She currently sits on the Northern Ireland Audit Office’s external review panel and is a member of the Employer’s Forum at Queen’s University in Belfast.

Ms McGowan began her lecture by stating that no economy has overcome what the Northern Ireland economy in the past 20 years and that Brexit now provides another challenge for it. She went on to stress the need the business community has for a clear timetable to the process. Angela then went on to say that the Northern Ireland Business Sector has an important role to play in maintaining and developing North South relations. The lecture then went on to focus on the huge influence which Skills and Education has to play in developing the Northern Economy and that it is one of the best ways to combat income inequality. 


The lecture finished with a presentation to Lady Moira Quigley and to Angela McGowan by Anthony Soares, Acting Director CCBS.


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