June 26, 2015

Prof Paulo de Medeiros to present at John Hewitt International Summer School

Don’t miss the CCBS-sponsored talk at this year’s John Hewitt International Summer School!

At a crucial time for Europe and European values, CCBS is proud to have Professor Paulo de Medeiros deliver on the 30th of July its sponsored talk at the 2015 John Hewitt International Summer School. Entitled “Mare Mortis: The Shipwrecking of Europe on the Rocks of Difference”, Professor de Medeiros’s talk will explore the urgent need for Europe to re-consider its identity, making this an unmissable opportunity to hear and interact with an internationally acclaimed scholar and thinker concerned with where Europe is heading.

Describing his talk, Professor de Medeiros offered the following outline:
“Speaking in Turin in 1990, Jacques Derrida fundamentally questioned European identity at the same time that he dared challenge us all to imagine a different, a better, Europe, in The Other Heading: Memories, Responses, and Responsibilities. Twenty-five years later, and in the face of the horrific deaths suffered by thousands of would-be migrants to Europe, that challenge has not even begun to be addressed. How could the Mediterranean, once the proud common space of diverse cultures and peoples, the Mare Nostrum, turn into a veritable cemetery, a sea of death? In its current apathy, its denial in the face of utmost tragedy and its wimpish attempts at preserving a modicum of credibility, the European Union runs the risk of losing itself, forgetting its common history of suffering and striving for justice and equality, in its morbid fears of those it deems “different” from itself. It is urgent that we consider again Derrida’s challenge to imagine another heading for Europe if, with Habermas, we still want to think of Europe as an unfinished project, our only hope for a common future.”

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