April 26, 2007

Pride of Our Place Phase 2 – Final Report

The final report of Pride of our Place – a cross-border local studies project for primary schools – covers the extensive work that the teachers and children did on this project between 2002 and 2006. The project researcher, Mary Burke of St Patrick’s College Drumcondra, situates the project in the development of Education for Mutual Understanding, and details its impact on the participating children, teachers, parents and the communities served by the schools. She concludes with a detailed section of conclusions and practical recommendations for future cross-border and cross-community work involving primary schools.

As one parent writes: “This project was an outstanding success.The children derived great benefit from the [exchange] visits, from interaction with local people and from raised awareness of local heritage sites. They made new friends and were exposed to a different environment and culture which can be of great use in developing appreciation of self and others.”

The Deptuy Chief Inspector of the Department of Education and Science in the Republic of Ireland, Gearóid O Conluain, writes: “This project, which took place over a period of three and a half years, was impressive in the manner in which it engaged with its objectives to involve teachers and pupils in focussed studies of elements of their local environments and to improve mutual understanding between schools, teachers and pupils in a North-South context. I was very impressed with the high standard of the presentations and the enthusiasm that pupils and teachers brought to the project. I am confident that projects of this nature play an important role in increasing mutual understanding North and South which will lead to greater harmony and co-operation in the future.”

See the Final Report [5.6 MB].