November 21, 2017

Policy Seminar in Edinburgh jointly organised by CCBS and the Centre on Constitutional Change

CCBS and the Centre on Constitutional Change jointly organised a successful policy seminar at Edinburgh University on the 20th of November. Bringing together a number of officials from the Scottish Government, the European Commission representation in Edinburgh, the Consul-General of Ireland in Scotland, and representatives from the British-Irish Council and Scottish Parliament, the seminar considered  the implications of Brexit for the borders between the UK and EU, and on possible models to maintain post-Brexit cross-border social and economic relations within and between the island of Ireland and Great Britain, and between these islands and the EU. As part of this, proposals relating to the island of Ireland were put forward by Manufacturing NI (presented by its Chief Executive, Stephen Kelly, and by Conor Patterson of Newry and Mourne Cooperative and Enterprise Agency), Professor James Anderson of Queen’s University Belfast, as well as by CCBS itself. Discussions also revolved around the themes of the overall UK-EU border (led by Kirsty Hughes, Director of the Scottish Centre on European Relations), the UK “Single Market” and the All-Island market (led by Michael Keating, Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change), and alternative futures (led by Nicola McEwen, Associate Director of the Centre on Constitutional Change).