November 25, 2010

First Pilot Impact Assessment Toolkit Workshop

Thursday 25 November 2010

Canal Court Hotel, Newry, 9.30am –  4.30pm

The Centre for Cross Border Studies is working in partnership with the Euro Institute in Germany to develop a Toolkit for the Impact Assessment of Cross Border Co-operation programmes and projects. This project is funded under the Interreg IVA programme through the Special EU Programmes Body.  As part of this project, the Centre is organising two workshops for individuals with a strategic involvement in the design and implementation of cross border co-operation programmes and projects.  The first of these workshops will take place on Thursday 25 November, 2010 in the Canal Court Hotel, Newry, from 09.30am –  4.30pm. These workshops are an integral part of the process leading to an integrated toolkit that can be used to assess the impacts of cross-border interventions and inform the development of future programmes and projects.

The objectives of Workshop 1 will be:

  • To present a preliminary analysis of the social, economic and environmental problems of the Cross Border Territory and to validate these;
  • To identify the key challenges and problems of the Cross Border Territory including administrative and regulatory barriers to cross border co-operation; and
  • To develop coherent objectives, relevant impact categories and future integrated actions addressing the identified problems and challenges.

The development of this Toolkit is particularly timely in the context of the increasing focus within the EU on territorial cohesion of transnational territories. In this case, we are defining the ‘border territory’ as Northern Ireland and the Irish Border Counties, although recognising that many cross border interventions will also have an all-island dimension.  The outcomes of Workshop 1 will be the basis for the further development of relevant impact categories that will be presented in Workshop 2.  At workshop 2, to be held in April 2011, the Centre for Cross Border Studies and the Euro Institute will present an integrated tool for carrying out Cross Border Impact Assessment at both strategic programmatic level and project level.

If you would be interested in attending one or both of these workshops, please contact Ruth Taillon, Deputy Director (Research) at the Centre for Cross Border  Studies.  Email: Tel: 028 3751 1559.

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