December 9, 2004

Partition and the creation of a ‘border region’

Mapping Frontiers Study Day 1
9 December 2004
Robinson Library, Abbey Street, Armagh

The first study day for the ‘Mapping Frontiers, Plotting Pathways’ research project was held at the Centre for Cross Border Studies, Armagh, on Thursday 9 December 2004.

The study day focused on the creation of the Irish Border and its historical impact. Keynote speakers, Professor Liam O’Dowd of Queen’s University and Dr John Coakley of UCD addressed the invited audience on ‘Studying Border Change in Ireland’PDF logo. There was also a local case study on ‘The Early Impact of Partition in County Armagh’.

Dr Terence Dooley, Mr Will Glendinning and Mrs Sylvia McRoberts responded to these papers.


10.00am Registration & Refreshments
10.15 Welcome by Andy Pollak, Director of the Centre for Cross Border Studies
10.20 Studying Border Change in Ireland

Dr John Coakley, Director of the Institute of British-Irish Studies, University College Dublin and Professor Liam O’Dowd, Director of the Centre for International Borders Research, Queen’s University, Belfast

10.50 The Early Impact of Partition on County Armagh

Mr Kieran Rankin, Research Officer, Institute of British-Irish Studies, University College Dublin

11.15 Questions and Answers
11.30 Refreshments


  • Dr Terence Dooley – Lecturer in Local and Irish History, NUI Maynooth
  • Mr Will Glendinning – Former Chief Executive, Community Relations Council
  • Mrs Sylvia McRoberts – Former Ulster Unionist Mayor of Armagh City and District Council


1.00 Final comments

See the list of attendees, the press release and further details on the Mapping Frontiers project.

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