November 22, 2014

Mentoring in Macedonia

CCBS Director Ruth Taillon spent three days in Skopje, Macedonia, at the end of October with support from the Euclid Network Peer Exchange Programme. The Euclid Network connects members from more than 40 countries from across Europe for a more innovative, professional and sustainable European civil society. The Peer Exchange was funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Our partner in Macedonia was the FORUM – Centre for Strategic Research and Documentation. Forum-CSRD is the leading Macedonian non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to exploring the political and strategic aspects of current solutions and innovative national regional and European issues. The Centre has an important role in strengthening the role of civil society and increasing its influence on the formation of national policies and the creation of policies aimed at achieving the standards required for Euro-Atlantic integration of the country. (Macedonia is an EU-candidate country.)

While in Skopje, Ruth worked with FORUM Executive Director Slagjan Penev (who visited CCBS earlier this year) on a project proposal to support increased civil society organisations’ participation in decision-making processes in municipalities and enhanced transparency in creating municipal and regional development plans/strategies and to encourage citizens to control how these plans are implemented. The proposed project aims is to create network of watchdog monitors which will be ready to react to any bad practice or poor performance of the authorities and administration in local and central government.