November 6, 2002

Promoting Mental Health and Social Well-being: Cross-Border Opportunities and Challenges

This was a two-part study by a team from National University of Ireland Galway led by Dr Margaret Barry and Ms Sharon Friel. It examines a number of cross-border projects in the areas of postnatal depression, public awareness of suicide, cancer support services, the mental health of young men and mental health in rural communities. The study also looks at the comparability and compatibility of mental health data sources in the two jurisdictions. Among the report’s recommendations are:

  • The establishment of an all-island Mental Health Promotion Steering Group to develop mental health promotion in a co-ordinated fashion and avoid unnecessary duplication
  • The creation of an all-island information exchange mechanism and discussion forum in this area, including a live database of mental health promotion activities in the Republic to that already produced in Northern Ireland

See the study day, press release and the final report [2 mb].