June 1, 2001

The Foot-and-Mouth Disease Crisis and the Irish border

The Foot-and-Mouth Disease Crisis and the Irish Border cover

A study of the cross-border dimension of the 2001 foot-and-mouth disease outbreak by the Centre’s research manager, Dr Patricia Clarke, with comments from the Departments of Agriculture in Belfast and Dublin.

Issued exactly a year after the original outbreak in England, the report’s findings were praised by the two Ministers, Brid Rodgers and Joe Walsh, as “extremely valuable” in helping the Department to formulate actions to deal with animal health emergencies. Among the report’s conclusions were:

  • The most successful way to avoid such emergencies in future is to utilise ”the natural water barrier around the island by moving towards an all-Ireland animal health system”.
  • The convening of an all-island Expert Advisory Group, modelled on the successful group set up in the Republic, should be considered in any future emergency situation.

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