October 25, 2006

Europe for Patients – Final Conference

25-27 October, 2006
Ghent, Belgium

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The Europe for Patients Project will present its research findings and recommendations at a final conference in Belgium on 25-27 October 2006.  This conference will provide a platform for patient mobility stakeholders to discuss options addressing challenges and realizing opportunities for the benefits of European health systems and particularly the patients focusing on:

  • Patient Mobility Typology and Scenarios
  • European Legal Frameworks- for patient and providers
  • Financing and Contracting matters
  • Quality of Care, Practical and Monitoring arrangements

Anyone interested in attending this event can find further details and register online at the Europe for Patients websitewww.europe4patients.org/conference

See the flyer [681 kb] for the final conference and more details on the project.

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