November 1, 2002

Diversity in Early Years Education North and South

Diversity in Early Years Cover

This was a two–year study aimed at researching the difficulties facing teachers and young children in areas of conflict and diversity on both sides of the border with a view to developing a framework to be used in all teacher education institutions, North and South, involved in preparing teachers to work with children in the early years (age 4-7).

The research study looked at the first two years of primary schooling in six selected schools in the North and six in the South and examined the following issues:

  • The areas in which teachers felt they needed more professional training in dealing with conflict and promoting diversity
  • The views and perceptions of the children on difference and diversity
  • How the Early Years curriculum deals with diversity
  • What approaches and methodologies are used to promote diversity through the curriculum
  • What resources are available for its implementation


See the final report pdf logo [1MB].