January 1, 2007

Cross Border Mobility Information Service – www.borderpeople.info

The North/South Ministerial Council (NSMC) has appointed the Centre to manage the development of a cross-border mobility information website.

Following the publication of the PriceWaterhouseCoopers/Indecon Report on the Study of Obstacles to Mobility between the two parts of the island of Ireland (see www.northsouthministerialcouncil.org), Ministers in the NSMC decided that a dedicated website should be established to provide information to people who are considering moving from one jurisdiction to the other, to live, work or study. The requirements of the website are-:

  • To become the central access point for all cross-border mobility information in Ireland by signposting individuals to the original information sources;
  • To cover key priority areas for cross-border mobility information (such as taxation, social security, pensions, job seeking, training, health, education, banking, housing and telecommunications)
  • To identify information deficits and seek to address these by providing new and additional information;
  • To evaluate the demand for and use of cross-border mobility information through the collation of statistics;
  • To maximise accessibility through using the internationally recognised guidelines of the National Disability Authority and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C);
  • To achieve a high level of interactivity by including facilities such as consultation and feedback mechanisms, discussion forums and relevant self-help calculators;
  • To establish a user group of cross-border mobility information providers – on-line and off-line, governmental and non-governmental – to ensure the quality, consistency and accessibility of the information provided on the website, as well as feedback from the primary users of the site.

See more details on the launch of the website.