November 22, 2016

Cross-Border Collaboration in the US-Mexico Border Region

Tuesday 22 November & Thursday 24 November 2016.

Dublin Launch

The Centre was delighted to welcome Chuck Matthews, Director, North Regions, Health & Human Services for the County of San Diego as our guest speaker at the launch of the 2016 Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland on 22 and 24 November.

With so much of US President-Elect’s campaign focused on “building the wall” along the USA-Mexico border, this lecture could not have been more timely. Focusing on a number of examples of the successful cross-border cooperation impacting upon wellbeing – particularly that of the diverse populations that live and work in the US-Mexico border region – Mr Matthews described the political and operational intersection of cross-border collaboration in the delivery of health and social care to border residents, including both legal and undocumented immigrants. He talked about some of the differences along the border in legislation, policy and practice attributable in part to the effects of the physical environment on the approach and the culture of ‘embracing’ of the border and provided some insights into approaches and programmes in the Ireland-Northern Ireland border region that could be implemented in the US-Mexico border region. He outlined how some of the tools developed by CCBS have already been used in developing cross-border cooperation in his region.

CCBS Talk Chuck Matthews


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