October 4, 2001

Cross-Border Co-operation in Local Government: Models of Management, Development and Reconciliation

A study by Professor Derek Birrell and Ms Amanda Hayes of the University of Ulster of the different kinds of cross-border links between local authorities, including one-to-one linkages, local government cross-border networks, and cross-border partnerships involving other agencies. It also analyses the project management methods used, the views of the councillors involved and the involvement of the European Union.

Among the study’s findings are:

  • The most advanced model of cross-border co-operation between local authorities is the Border Corridor Groups network
  • Given the mismatch in functions between local authorities, North and South, the partnership model (which includes community groups, business groups, trade unions and statutory agencies) is particularly useful.
  • Facilitating bodies like Co-operation Ireland, Area Development Management and the Combat Poverty Agency play a key role.
  • Cross-border co-operation should be made a specific function of local government

See Study day, Press release and final report.