December 21, 2018

The Consequences of Brexit: Crossed Japanese-European Views

This conference, organised jointly with Waseda University (Japan) under the auspices of Strasbourg University’s Jean Monnet Project on 6-7 December, brought together leading academics from North America, Europe and Japan to consider the wide-ranging implications of Brexit. Keynote speakers were Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly from the University of Victoria in Canada and Stephanie Barczewski from Clemson University, USA. Presentations over the following two days considered the impacts on the UK’s financial sector; education policy for inclusion of migrant children in England; Japanese-UK relations; UK citizens resident in France; security and justice; local government and devolution in the UK; and fundamental rights of citizens in the light of Brexit. CCBS Director Ruth Taillon spoke on “The Consequences of Brexit (‘Deal or No Deal’) for the Island of Ireland”.