January 13, 2014

CCBS responds to UK Govt. review of EU Competences

The Centre for Cross Border Studies has submitted a response to the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills in relation to the UK Government’s review of the balance of EU Competences in the area of Social Cohesion. The response is available to download in PDF format below.


In the view of The Centre for Cross Border Studies, EU structural funds have been extremely successful in addressing the tasks given to them under the treaties. The effect that funding from theses sources has toward increasing social and economic cohesion across Europe is particularly evident in the case of Northern Ireland.

European funding has proved pivotal in addressing Northern Ireland’s particular social and economic needs.

In the absence of EU structural funds, we feel it highly likely that many cornerstone schemes of Northern Ireland’s continuing economic and social development would be placed in jeopardy.

It is highly unlikely that funding of this nature could or would be prioritised in spending plans formulated on a national level.

EU funding promotes competitiveness and innovation in the the cross-border economy as well as transfrontier cooperation in the public and private sectors. This programme is of particular bene t to Northern Ireland; its position as the only region of the UK to share a land border with another EU member state, as well as its geographical discontiguity with Great Britain, makes the successful development and maintenance of cross-border economic and social relationships of utmost importance.

Download the full response [PDF 162Kb]