January 14, 2015

CCBS responds to consultation on SBNI’s ‘Child Protection and Safeguarding Learning & Development Strategy’

The Centre for Cross Border Studies has today published its response to the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland’s consultation on its ‘Child Protection and Safeguarding Learning & Development Strategy’. CCBS welcomes the strategy’s aim to identify opportunities for enhancing multi-disciplinary/multi-agency safeguarding education and training strategies across all sectors in relation to children’s services and concurs with the importance of sharing of expertise across those sectors.
However, the Centre maintains that it is essential for any strategy concerned with improving child protection and safeguarding to recognise that those aims are dependent upon ensuring the necessary arrangements are met for the protection and safeguarding of citizens receiving or providing those services from neighbouring jurisdictions.
To deliver cross-jurisdictional continuity and expand opportunities for knowledge exchange, the Centre recommends that SBNI develop formalised partnerships with the relevant counterpart groups headquartered in the Republic of Ireland and other jurisdictions. Where such collaboration is taking place, CCBS contend this should be reflected in any major policy document, such as the Child Protection and Safeguarding Learning & Development Strategy.

Click here to access the full consultation response.