March 1, 2016

CCBS Publishes Annual Activity & Evaluation Report 2015

This report details the activities of the Centre for Cross Border Studies during the period 1 January to 31 December 2015. It draws upon monitoring data and reports submitted to the CCBS Board and funders throughout the year. Attention is given, in particular, to the targets set out in the Centre’s application for core funding to the Department of Education and Skills. As will be explained  below, however, as a result of circumstances beyond the control of CCBS not all of these targets were met.

On the other hand, the Centre responded to other demands and opportunities as they arose, and an assessment of the Centre’s work in the past year will be made here, taking into account the Key Strategic Goals agreed by the CCBS Board in 2013. These Strategic Goals are:

  • To enhance delivery of high quality research and services;
  • To enhance and further develop networks and relationships with key partners at local,
    regional, national, EU and international levels; and
  • To secure the future sustainability of the Centre for Cross Border Studies.

To view the full Annual Activity & Evaluation Report 2015 click hereWebsite.