February 19, 2018

23rd March 2018, CCBS Policy Seminar: EU Cohesion Policy beyond 2020

This seminar, taking place in the European Commission Office in Belfast on the 23rd of March, brings together a number of experts to debate the shape of the EU’s Cohesion Policy beyond 2020. Its future priorities, geographical scope, and its funding are currently being discussed throughout the European Union as part of the wider debate on the EU’s overarching priorities and how these will be financed by the EU’s budget. The decisions taken by EU leaders will affect the capacity and extent to which the European Union will operate beyond 2020, and doing so in the context of a EU of 27 Member States following the UK’s departure. However, although the UK may be leaving the EU, that does not necessarily mean that Cohesion Policy post-2020 will no longer have relevance for Northern Ireland, not least because its neighbour will continue to be an EU Member State. Therefore, this seminar will be an important opportunity to take part in and contribute to this major debate.


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