October 30, 2017

CCBS in Brussels

On the 29th of October CCBS Director, Ruth Taillon, and Deputy Director, Anthony Soares, met with officials of the European Commission’s Article 50 Task Force as part of a delegation that included the Children’s Law Centre, Unison, and Professor Chris McCrudden of Queen’s University Belfast. While the overall focus of the meeting was to advocate for the protection of rights associated with the 1998 Belfast/Good Friday Agreement as the negotiations over the UK’s withdrawal from the EU reach a critical stage, CCBS also expressed its concerns that cross-border, North-South and East-West cooperation should not be undermined in any way as a result of Brexit. It was pointed out to officials that safeguarding of the institutions under Strands 2 and 3 of the 1998 Agreement, while a crucial objective that must be attained at the end of these negotiations, would not of itself protect much of the cross-border cooperation activities that take place outside the formal structures. These views were also conveyed to the Irish Ambassador and officials in a separate meeting.